BM2000 Wrist Pulse Oximeter



  • Our bluetooth 4.0 Pulse Oximeter is simple and convenient, get all function with one key operation.


  • OLED display of Spo2, Pulse Rate, Pulse Intensity bargraph and plethysmogram.


  • Low battery indication and rechargeable.


  • Low power consumption, the 3.7v lithium battery lasts 16hours,can overnight monitoring.


  • Automatically power off if no use for about 8 seconds.


  • High accuracy under the condition of low perfusion.


  • Oximetery data can be transmitted between Spo2 and PR monitor  and PC, iPhone, Android smart phone via bluetooth. 


  • The Data of our bluetooth 4.0 Pulse Oximeter can be stored in every 10 seconds, up to 12 hours of data storage time in total.


  • The Data showed in bluetooth 4.0 Pulse Oximeter also can be exported out as excel for reference in the future.
  • With bluetooth 4.0, data can be transfer to smartphone (iphione ,android) and PC.