BP Care 


BP CARE measures fingertip photoplethysmography, and can provide cardiovascular health information such as blood pressure trend, stiff index (of blood vessels), blood oxygen and heart rate. 
Product components

Please insert your index finger into the probe sleeve and wear as shown in the schematic, you should pay attention to the following matters:

Finger fingertips should reach the edge, and try to position the finger in the center.

The midline of the finger should be parallel to the midline of the probe.

Note: If the finger has poor contact with the probe, which may cause light leakage, please gently pinch the front end of the probe to ensure good contact with the fingers.



Operation system

 Android IOS



Spo2 Measurement range


Spo2 Measurement Accuracy


PR Measurement range


PR Accuracy


Blood oxygenation

SBP range:90-150mmHg 
DBP range:60-100mmHg

Battery Type

lithium battery

Product size   30(H)*30(W)*10(D)mm

Product weight

14g (Do not contain sensor and wrist strap)

Battery life

1 hour continuous measurement